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Term 1, 2014


We have been learning about belonging to God’s Family and what is baptism.  As a home task, we were given a piece of fabric and sample picture to give us ideas about to decorate the cloth with our family names. Also, we have been looking at Lent and Holy week to learn more about EASTER. We made posters about by collecting and/or drawing pictures for life, christianity, creation and life.






Religion – Preps

Custom Glitter Text

Term 3

Week 5

Write a comment about what did you learn about Mary Mackillop.


Go to the link to learn more about Saint Mary Mackillop:

Visit Mary Mackillop Heritage Centre to find more about her.




The Last Supper

We learnt about  the Jesus’s Last Supper. He used bread and wine when he celebrated his last meal with his apostles. They made connections between the Last Supper and the celebration of the mass. We discussed that the Mass is a spacial celebration when the church remembers and relives the words and actions of Jesus. Jesus is with us when the Mass is celebrated. Children drew their favourite moment, character or symbol from the story of the Last Supper.

The Church is the family of God.

Prep children this term are learning about faith concepts of community, belonging, place, symbols and signs. We discussed about the location and name of the local parish church- St. Andrew Church and also the sacred signs and objects within the parish church. Students create 3D models of the church and its sacred objects and symbols using wooden blocks, sticks, Lego, digital photos, playdough, concrete materials and drawings , etc. Some children made bell tower, where father lives, altar, church building, cross, Father’s big chair etc.



Whole Learning Centre 2 participated in Ash Wednesday Prayer in Learning Centre 2. After home groups in morning, we all gathered together to have paraliturgy for Ash wednesday which is the first day of LENT. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of this 40-day liturgical period of prayer and fasting. Teachers made cross of ashes on each other foreheads and children in their home groups as a reminder of celebration and human mortality.



Shrove Tuesday- Pancake Day!!!

We  enjoyed pancakes made by the hardworking and deicated parents and friends, on Shrove Tuesday, last day before lent.



Yummy Pancakes !!!!


7 Responses to “Religion”

  1. Kulezsh says:

    Mary opened a school for poor children.

  2. Ameeta says:

    I now (know) that mary macilip (Mary Mackillop) was cind (Kind).

  3. remy says:

    we lond (learnt) that mare (Mary) mkep (Mackillop)

    was the ash (eldest) ov(of) 8.

  4. sushma says:

    Dear Students,
    I am very glad to see the knowledge you have gained about Saint Mary Mackillop this week. Show your parents the websites that you can access through our religion blog to learn more about her.

  5. Felix says:

    I love Saint Mary Makillop

  6. shanjana says:

    Dear Sushma,
    I am learning about the KITE model I will tell you My know the text. In the text there was Mary,Mary Maglodein and Mary’s sister. There was also the Disciples and Jesus.All the Marys and the Disciples were standing near the cross but Jesus was on the cross.Jesus said to John “Here is your mother.” To his mother”Here is your son.”

  7. shanjana says:

    Dear Sushma,
    We are learning about the kite model and I will tell you the inspiring the imagination .I think John and Mary will be happy because Jesus will be alive and Mary has another son and John has a mother.There house will be small because they don’t have enough money.

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