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Book Fair Week 6

Hi Everyone,


Look around in learning space for BOOK FAIR poster to get more information as we will be having a Book Character dress up Parade on Friday the 23rd of August. It is a gold coin donation dress up day.




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Week 5, Term 3, 2013

So far in Term 2, we have been focusing on writing Narratives: Characters, Setting and events- beginning ( introduction), middle (problem) and end (solution). Lots of our reading activities are about character analysis, paint a character, readers theatre, retelling the story, puppet talks, and others. As per children’s needs, they have been doing activities, so go to their group’s page for more details.

In Maths, we have focused on Measuring Length and addition. Week 5, we are  learning about Subtraction/take away. The strategies could be like using ten frames to find the difference, count back strategy, use concrete material, act out etc.

For Religion and  inquiry, visit the Inquiry page.



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Term 3 Inquiry Production ‘ Step Back In Time’

Hi All,

For Inquiry this term,  Sushma’s and Courtney’s groups together are preparing a performance for TRANSPORT theme. Go on to our Inquiry page whenever you want to practice the lyrics and actions for the songs. NOTES WILL BE COMING SOON!!!



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Outdoor fun!!!

Today we went outside in Sports field to play some team games  and running game  as preparation towards our big write for tomorrow. We drew pictures about when we came inside about:

What did we do?

What was our favourite part of outside play?

How did we feel outside while playing?




Our Pyjama Day !!!!

Today, we had a P J Day at school. Children came to school in their PJs. They were very excited to come in their PJs to school. Later in the day, they laid on the floor and pretended to fall asleep while watching a movie. Thy had great fun wearing PJs to school.  Enjoy watching some snapshots!!!!

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Learning Conversations

Dear Parents,

Notes for learning conversations are out this week. Please see learning group teacher to book a time to review and set goals for your child’s learning.


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What time is it?

Learn how to read time on analogue and digital clocks

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Prep- 3 Inquiry Theme : Change Over Time

This term the inquiry topic is CHNGE OVER TIME.  At the start, children had immersions into different areas where they could notice change over time i.e. Entertainment, Education, Fashion and Technology. After that, they came up with some wonderings and inquiry questions that they would like to investigate further. Next, they were grouped into similar wonderings and now in differnt Prep-3 groups though their English, Maths, Religion groups remain the same.

My group is focusing on how enetrtainment has changed over time? Ask your child if you need to see the teacher what’s their investigation area out of:

Elizabeth: Education

Sushma: Entertainment

Carla: Fashion

Courtney: Technology



Welcome Back!!!!!!

Term 2, 2013

Hi Everyone,

This term our leaning group is visiting Wyndham Vale library every wednesday aftenoon straight after PMP. They are having fun going to library. Children go to library and read a book independently or listen to a story read by librarian or the teacher. By visiting to Library, they learn that library is a quiet place to read and alos,they can borrow books from library and return them when finished as these books are shared by our community.

Please note that they certainly can bring their library cards with them on wednesday and borrow 2 or 3 books from library to read. Please remeber to return before it’s due.

Hi Everyone,   


Dear Parents,

We would like to say BIG THANKS to everyone who joined us today i.e 22nd Mrach in our CELEBRATION CIRCLE today. As you all could see the joy on children’s faces while they showed their work to you, it was just beautiful. They felt so proud of themselves. Also, WELL DONE to all children for looking after your parents and showing the amazing work that you have done in Term 1. FANTASTIC WORK!!!!!


Please go on to Inquiry page to see more snapshots…….

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CELEBRATION CIRCLE     You are invited to our Celebration Circle!

Dear Parents, please make a note of a very special event that is taking place in your child’s learning group. It is going to be held on Friday i.e. 22nd March, 2013 starting at 2.15pm.  Your attendance would be very much appreciated.

There will be an opportunity for you to experience some of the tasks your child has undertaken in their ‘Community’ unit as well as mix with other parents of children in the learning group. I am sure that your son or daughter would love to have your company for this special event.

Please get back to me by Monday i.e. 18th March 2013 so that we can make the necessary arrangements for the afternoon.

If you are unable to attend, could you please invite another family member or family friend as we really would like to have someone from each of our students’ families attend this celebration of our first term’s work. 

Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

PMP program has started from this week i.e. Week 8. All preps will be going on Mondays and Wednesdays afternoon. Please make sure that children wear sprots uniform on these days to school.

Reader Satchels

Dear parents, as you are all aware that our reading satchels are running up now and children are really enjoying reading their books, keep encouraging and support them in their reading. Also, please make sure in the morning everyday that they put the book they had the day before in the purple sticker box i.e. Returned books and then ask them to choose a book from the box that they need to choose from. 

Thanks for your support !!!!!

Welcome back to school.I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends during holidays. I am very excited to hear about all your experiences and fun that you had. 

free glitter text and family website at


Welcome to 2013 Sushma’s Prep/1 learning group to our blog!!!! I would like to say a huge WELL DONE to my group for making such a wonderful start to the school year.I am looking forward to a great year of learning.

At the start of the day, we got together with Prep-3 children to introduce all the new children and staff members of our learning centre. Next after recess, we had a walk through the school today to meet all the teachers and students in our school in both learning centres and also to get familiar with the school environment. At the end of the day after lunch, we had developmental play time as play is essential to development and it contributes to the cognitive, social, physical and emotional well-being of the children.





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