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Week 9 and 10 Easter Grid activities


Chappell Week 9 and 10 Must Do Activities   Google Drive


Easter Picture for 100 Words Challenge



Study Ladder

Password: olsc1

Author’s purpose activity

Week 7 and 8

Reading Must do and Can do activities

-Design and make a character for a story. Take a photo. Describe how the character looks like. Upload photo and the description onto the blog

-Use a VCOP mat to find the connectives in the story you have read for focus teaching and record in your book

-The author’s purpose Tree Map : See Sushma for instructions

-How the Ladybird got its spots/ A day in the life of a pencil- Read the story and do the following activities:




-Sequencing and Challenge at the end

Can do tasks:

Listening Post

Read a story on sunshine online and complete an activity at the end

Buddy Reading

 Writing Must do and Can do activities

-Big write edit/highlighting for VCOP: set a Big write goal for cold write week 8

-Work on your big write goal  on google doc/macs/ipads/books. Show evidence to Sushma

-Spelling Activity on the blog: Interactive spelling Bee challenge

-‘All About Me’ profile on google doc- print, edit and publish- Portfolio piece

-Use Writer’s directory to create a story. Choose how you would like to record your story: blog, imovie, role play

Can do activities

-Use Taxedo to create word cloud

-Free writing

Wordle: Untitled

Word wall for High Frequency words

Interactive Spelling Bee Challenge

Week 5 and 6

Focus from Week 5 on wards is on Narratives- Fairy Tales.

Big write focus in on Vocabulary.

NARRATIVE Writing Power point to look at:

Making Text to self connections: Below are some examples of questions that can be used to facilitate text to self connections:

making connect


Arcademic Skill Builders   Word Frog

Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms Game


Focus Teaching Book:  Have you ever?/Out of Bounds

  • Read the text using slow down strategy to Sushma
  • Discuss with partner about the structure- {setting, characters, plot, problem, events, solution} of the Narrative that you have read in your focus group
  • Choose one acrostic poem to  publish on the Blog
  • Play word frog game and list some synonyms and antonyms in your Reading Books.
  • Making Connections: Text to self- Use your focus book to complete the Double-Entry Journal in reading books.


  • Big write edit with Focus Group- VCOP mat
  • Use connective other than ‘and’ in sentences to tell a fairy tale you like using VCOP mat . Choose two or three to start with. Use detailed plan to record your ideas.
  • Explore Google doc and complete a profile about you- All About Me
  • Free write- accurate and consistent handwriting
  • Use student friendly criteria scale  to assess your big write in focus group with Sushma

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