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What’s happening in Week 9 and10?

on March 27, 2014

Week 9 and 10

Some exciting news:

1st April:Tuesday: OLSC Cross Country

3rd April:Thursday OLSC Learning Centre 1 Mass

4th April: Friday: Easter Hat Parade and  Holy Week Paraliturgy in each Learning Centre

And Of course the most exciting one: Term 1 ends on Friday!!!!Hurray!!!!!!

Our Learning in Week 9 and 10:

For Literacy (reading and writing) , we will be focusing on Narratives with different foci like Making connections while reading: Text to self, test and real world, Locating key ideas in the text, Finding connectives and openers while reading, Identifying author’s purpose. We are learning how to write Narratives by using the structure, adding more details to make it more interesting and lively and using wow words, connectives and openers to up level the sentences that we write. During maths, as we have focused on Chance in last few weeks, now we will be learning about Data in coming two weeks:

Identifying a question,

collect the data,

record the data,

sort the data,

displaying the information  and then interpreting it.

Today we collected the data about the ‘What’s Our learning Group’s Favourite activity to do at School?’ as a whole group and then children designed a question to collect the data about. Next week, we will be learning how to display the data/information that we collected. Also, we used Tally Charts to record the data.

For Religion, we are learning about Lent and Hole week. Social Skills sessions are focused on Identifying bullying and understanding what does it mean to us at school?

Keep checking the blog for updates…





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