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School Production hurray!!!!!!

on September 12, 2013

Tonight and yesterday night were our school production  nights.  Whole school theme was CHANGE OVER TIME and our groups was performing to show how people get to school in different ways over time. We, teachers would like to thank all the children for doing their best and awesome show. Also we would like to thank all the parents for their support. OUR SHOW WAS FANTABULOUS BOTH NIGHTS!!!!!

Few snapshots…..

20130912-234435.jpg  20130912-234445.jpg  20130912-234259.jpg

20130912-234455.jpg   20130912-234505.jpg  20130912-234512.jpg

20130912-234517.jpg  20130912-234528.jpg


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  1. hilda says:

    Dear Sushma,
    I love the photos that are on the blog. Nice! what(What) a wonderful blog!
    From : Hilda Tay

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